How Can Your Local Real Estate Agent Help in a Buyers Market?

Commission RebatesA buyers market in real estate means that there are too many houses for sale on the market so the potential buyers can take their time and shop around or wait out buyers for better deals. In order to sell a house for the full price, you have to be working with a skilled real estate agent who is going to help you get in the right position so you get buyers emotionally invested and ready to pay your price. has been saving buyers and sellers with commission rebates from realtors give us just some of the reasons you should be working with the best real estate agents when selling a house in a buyers market.

Your real estate agent is going to connect you with a local landscaping company who will make short work of restoring the exterior of your home. The team will arrive and trim trees, cut the lawn, put down mulch in the flower beds, and clips bushes. The reason this is so important in a buyers market is because with so many houses on the market, the buyers drive right by houses that have poor curb appeal. Once you get them invested emotionally, they will get out of the car and want to come inside and fall in love with the home.

Once you have potential buyers walking through the house, your interior better stand out from other houses or they will look and leave. The key here is making the inside unforgettable so they have it on their minds as they look at other homes. Eventually they will come around, so this is where your realtor is key. They will put you in touch with a cleaning company that can restore your carpeting, windows, window treatments, flooring, tiles, and bathrooms. The goal is showroom or model condition, that is how you get a buyer to fall in love with your home.

Did you know you can get a check from your realtor just for signing on to work with them in the form of a real estate rebate? What are real estate rebates & how to get one? They are a cash commission that is part of the realtor’s pay, and you only have to ask for it before you sign to work with a realtor to get yours.

Your real estate agent is going to do their homework and compare a fair market analysis of all the homes in your region that are up for sale or have sold this past year. They will work tirelessly to come up with a number that is profitable and comfortable for you, but low enough that you can compete with similar houses and still get interest. Sell too high and you may be on the market for years without a bite, so pricing is crucial.

Now you know how important it is to have the best agents on your side when selling your house in a buyers market.